2020  QDF Dance Companies

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Photos courtesy of the dance companies

Amy Marshall Dance Co credit Lois Greenf
Home Neighborhood: East Elmhurst
Fun Fact: This is the company's 20th anniversary!
Photo Credit: Lois Greenfield
Antara Saha
Home Neighborhood: Astoria
Fun Fact: In early childhood, I learned dance from a South Indian teacher in Jamaica, Queens
Photo Credit: Antara Saha
Barbara Mahler Dances
Home Neighborhood: Jackson Heights
Fun Fact: I'm working on rehearsing outside to integrate the experience in my creation process
Photo Credit: Kathryn Butler
Home Neighborhood: Long Island City
Fun Fact: I'm crazy about the wonderful butchers in the area.
Photo Credit: Richard Rothstein
Cole Collective
Home Neighborhood: Astoria
Fun Fact: I've lived in the same Ditmars area for the past 11 years
Photo credit: Eric Bandiero
Drye/Marinaro Dance Company
Home Neighborhood: Forest Hills
Fun Fact: I feel pulling in the dancers in the creative process makes us all more connected.
Photo credit: Tobia St Germaine
Elisabetta Minutoli
Home Neighborhood: Sunnyside
Fun Fact: I discovered almost all my dancers could walk to rehearsal at Topaz Arts near my home!
Photo credit: Sedyh Darya
Omar Edwards | ExQuisite Chill
Home Neighborhood: Jamaica
Fun Fact: Tap has allowed me to hone the skill of improvisation; essential in our work and life.
Photo credit: Delta Sigma
FANIKE! African Dance Troupe
Home Neighborhood: Springfield Gardens
Fun Fact: This year's dance is our favorite as it is a party piece to show inner style & strength!
Photo Credit: Maurice
Flamenco Latino
Home Neighborhood: Jackson Heights
Fun Fact: I love supporting Queens artists and the Hispanic culture here such as going to Terraza 7
Photo Credit: Eric Bandiero
Gotham Dance Theater
Neighborhood: Sunnyside
Fun Fact: In everything I choreograph, I always have a hidden movement inspired by Janet Jackson!
Photo Credit: Josef Pinlac
Greek American Folklore Society
Home Neighborhood: Astoria
Fun Fact: Dancers have met, married, and had children through our group, and continue to grow our organization!
Karla Florez School of Dance
Home Neighborhood: Middle Village
Fun Fact: Hats are important in our performances.
Photo credit: Josef Pinlac
Kingdom Dance Company
Neighborhood: Rosedale
Fun Fact: We have grown as a professional company through QDF
Photo Credit: Josef Pinlac
MAE MAE Dance Studio
Home Neighborhood: Flushing
Fun Fact: Flushing Main Street is the real Chinatown! Come try great food.
Mala's Odissi
Home Neighborhood: Forest Hills
Fun Fact: This year's piece changed my life in 2006, when I resigned from my job and did a Odisha pilgrimage.
Photo credit: Josef Pinlac
Home Neighborhood: Long Island City
Fun Fact: A lot of our photos are street-style to capture the various areas of Queens.
Na Pua Mai Ka Lani Nuioka
Home Neighborhood: Forest Hills
Fun Fact: We are the only hula group in Queens!
NK&D/a movement company
Home Neighborhood: Astoria
Fun Fact: A lot of our work comes from written prompts of our experiences and past memories
Photo Cred: Lydia Huibregtse
Noora Dance Theater
Home Neighborhood: Astoria
Fun Fact: Sometimes Arabic words sound like a funny English word, so we make up our own translations and have fun with it.
Photo credit: Neon
RU Dance NY Ballroom
Home Neighborhood: Flushing
Fun Fact: We are fun, happy, and sunny!
Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre
Home Neighborhood: Long Island City
Fun Fact: I have the privilege of working with dancers age 9-90.
Photo Credit: Allison Armfield
Urvashie Kissoon
Home Neighborhood: Forest Hills
Fun Fact: I enjoy walking along Queens Blvd or Austin Street for inspiration when choreographing
Photo credit: Josef Pinlac
Vivarta Arts
Home Neighborhood: Kew Gardens
Fun Fact: I did my dance graduation in Flushing
Photo Credit: Peter Yesley
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Choreographer Testimonials

I was truly impressed with the wealth of cultures and forms of dance showcased in this event. It broadened my scope of possibilities. ~anonymous

QDF allowed me to share my work with my community directly. As a choreographer, building a loyal fan base is difficult and QDF provided access to dance in a way few festivals do. Thank you! ~Billy Blanken, Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre

I am proud to be a dancer and choreographer in the Queensboro Dance Festival...It is exciting to have an amazing community at home! The festival spreads love, art, and awareness in the Queens community in more ways than one! ~anonymous


QDF gives a voice to the cultural and artistic fluency in Queens. ~anonymous

QDF has been a platform for me to share my work with more people and gather more opportunities from the folks who came to see QDF. I am forever thankful. ~Jacqui Dugal, Dugal Dance Projects 

Performing at QDF is becoming somewhat of a tradition for #Taplife Company. We look forward to it every year. ~Staci,#Taplife Company

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with a diverse audience,and performers who have varied dance backgrounds. QDF is a melting pot of styles that reflects the cultures of our beautiful Queens borough. ~anonymous



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