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QDF Dance Companies

Choreographer Testimonials

I was truly impressed with the wealth of cultures and forms of dance showcased in this event. It broadened my scope of possibilities. ~anonymous

QDF allowed me to share my work with my community directly. As a choreographer, building a loyal fan base is difficult and QDF provided access to dance in a way few festivals do. Thank you! ~Billy Blanken, Sheep Meadow Dance Theatre

I am proud to be a dancer and choreographer in the Queensboro Dance Festival...It is exciting to have an amazing community at home! The festival spreads love, art, and awareness in the Queens community in more ways than one! ~anonymous


QDF gives a voice to the cultural and artistic fluency in Queens. ~anonymous

QDF has been a platform for me to share my work with more people and gather more opportunities from the folks who came to see QDF. I am forever thankful. ~Jacqui Dugal, Dugal Dance Projects 

Performing at QDF is becoming somewhat of a tradition for #Taplife Company. We look forward to it every year. ~Staci,#Taplife Company

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with a diverse audience,and performers who have varied dance backgrounds. QDF is a melting pot of styles that reflects the cultures of our beautiful Queens borough. ~anonymous


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