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The call for QDF 2021 Queens Choreographers opens February 2021.

Get more info to join us next year:



QDF proudly presents Queens-based dance groups of diverse cultures and techniques.

Our mission is to strengthen the dance community in Queens and

garner a greater appreciation for Queens dance. 

QDF 2020 Events for all

Free! Follow us on Instagram @queensborodancefestival for details

Past 2020 events: Free and open to all professional dancers

Preseason Meetup #1 Jan 16 at RIOULT Dance Center

Meetup Mon Feb 10, 6:00-7:30PM at Tumbaga Dance Studio, Woodside

Meetup Wed Feb 12, 6:00-7:30PM, Flushing Town Hall

Meetup Fri Feb 28, 6-8:00PM 1st floor art gallery @ Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Jamaica

Meetup Sat Mar 7, 11:00AM-1:00PM: Queens Library Peninsula Meeting Room, Rockaways

Meetup Wed Mar 11, 6-8PM at Plaxall Gallery, LIC

QDF Class Xchange on Zoom, June 16, July 25, Aug 8

Summer Sundays on Zoom, Aug 16 and 23

What is the Queensboro Dance Festival?

Queensboro Dance Festival 2021 tour runs May through October with virtual and semi-virtual performances and classes across Queens' indoor and outdoor venues including theaters, parks, libraries, and plazas.  All performances include QDF Dancebacks (audience dance lessons), or choreographer talkbacks.  All programming is free to the public. See FAQs below for more!


QDF strives to help cultivate Queens dancers & companies' careers in Queens by connecting them to local resources and expanding new audience reach.  We encourage a Queens dance community that has an interest in connecting with local audiences through their dancework, and is proud of the neighborhoods our dancers live or work in. QDF Choreographer testimonials

Queensboro Dance Festival participants receive:

~A tour stipend per participating company

~Paid teaching opportunities and free dance classes led by fellow QDF participants (QDF Class Xchange)

~Exposure to a wide range of Queens venues, new audience, and Queens neighborhoods

~Exclusive access to free & discounted rehearsal spaces throughout Queens

~Career Development Workshops 

~Queens artist networking events & opportunities

~Master classes TBA

~Exclusive access to free tickets for various dance performances and events in Queens

~Photo and video footage

and, a wonderful network of diverse, talented, local dancers!

Participant Eligibility:

~Aligned with our mission, choreographer or company must be based in Queens (mailing address). *Dance schools with professional companies welcome. Pre-professional students may perform if integrated on stage with their professional company. 

~Free to apply, free to participate

~All dance forms of any culture and style welcome!

~Unedited video footage of your entire proposed work is required with your application

~In your application, select all possible dates you/your company are available to perform.  If your application is accepted, you will be assigned a schedule of 4-6 performances from the available dates you selected.

~Dances have a 12-minute maximum

~As we live in the world's borough, we encourage World and Queens premieres!

~ALAANA (African/Latinx/Asian/Arab/Native American) dance cast, and/or majority Queens-based dance cast strongly encouraged

~Collaborations with Queens musicians encouraged

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for more info


Why are the Pre-Season Meetups important?

Preseason meetups are valuable opportunities to get helpful insight and info about the upcoming QDF season, which has important updates every year in the application and production processes.  It's a place to ask questions about the application or QDF programming.  The meetups are also unique chances to network with other Queens artists to potentially work with, whether you are looking for more dancers, a musician/composer for original music, or a choreographer to work for.  Choreographers or dance groups new to our program can also meet QDF alumni and hear about their experiences.  Meetups are held in various Queens institutions throughout the borough.

What dance genres are eligible for the Queensboro Dance Festival?

QDF welcomes any and all dance forms– contemporary, folk, ballet, cultures from every corner of Queens, hip-hop, tap, comedic, traditional, jazz, breakdance, Latin, ballroom, and every hybrid in between!  The main requirement to submit any dance proposal is that the choreographer or dance company must be based in Queens.  

What is the QDF Community vibe?

Our growing community of Queens dance companies are people who want to engage and contribute to the neighborhoods they live and work in.  We share a pride for being Queens artists, and share a keen interest in learning about one another's work and heritages.  We support each other, have fun, think outside the box, and are pretty bold performers on tour!  We have a more meaningful impact together as a community, and our vibrancy is because of the dancers who are in it. 


We like to say QDF is a living, breathing festival. Every show is a different line-up of our season's participants, so you'll interact with various dance companies throughout your tour, in various neighborhoods with various audiences.  We come together at each show site to celebrate each other's works and share with our audience. So many magical moments with audiences and dancers happen during shows that we could never plan, and it's why we do what we do.


What is the QDF Class Xchange?

QDF Class X is a series of back-to-back classes taught by QDF participants for QDF participants and Queens dancers. Teach a class, then take a class, or come take both classes!  Teachers are paid and classes are free to attend.  Class dates and sign up info will be in the application.  Your proposal must be selected as a 2020 QDF participant to teach.

Can I submit more than one dance work?

Yes! However, you must submit a separate application for each dance work proposal.  If more than one of your works is accepted, they will have different tour schedules and not be in the same shows.  A compilation performance (one on-going performance consisting of several different dances) no longer than the 12-minute total maximum can be considered in one application, but videos of each dance or a video of the proposed final compilation is required, as well as descriptions of each included dance.

How does the QDF tour work?

The tour performs at different indoor and outdoor venues throughout Queens theaters, parks, libraries, plazas, and streets.  Each tour stop will feature a different line-up of dance companies, so each participating dance company will have a slightly different performance schedule.  Theater venues will have a stage and full production amenities.  Outdoor venues will generally be smooth or street concrete clearing with natural daylight and a sound system.  QDF works with many Queens organizations at each venue site to coordinate as smooth a production as possible, but companies must be adaptable to the different performance terrains, and factors including weather, time, public environments (sound, pedestrians), and space.  Some tour stops have special circumstances; these will be addressed in the application form.


How does scheduling work?

In the application form, select any and all performance dates (at least 12) that you are *available* to perform from both Group A and Group B options.  Based off of your given availability, QDF will assign you a performance schedule of 4-6 shows.  You will not be scheduled for every date you choose, but we ask you be available for more than you will be ultimately scheduled to allow for an optimal range of programming.  If you select a limited amount of dates, it is not guaranteed that you will receive all the dates you exactly chose. Your performance schedule will consist of shows from both Group A and Group B, and will include at least one performance in a theater venue (if you chose a theater as part of your available dates).


What if I am still working on my piece in time for the shows and don’t have all the information yet for the application?

We understand!  However, we need to visualize and understand your work as much as possible.  Fill out as much info as you can even if it’s a working title, or if your music is still being created, etc.  Please make sure to submit a full VIDEO of the actual proposed work, even if it’s rehearsal footage of a draft, and describe your dance piece in detail. Your information also helps program a diverse and balanced show.  If your work is selected, there will be an opportunity to send in final updates to program information before your performances.


Can I change my dance piece during the tour?

While we understand there may be edits to your proposed piece during the tour (i.e. adapting your piece to indoor vs. outdoor venues), you cannot substitute a completely different piece in your tour schedule.  This is to be fair to everyone's initial proposals that were specifically selected to be programmed in the tour, and also to maintain the balance of every show.  There will be a chance to update small program changes with our production crew such as your cast or music edit, but we do ask you commit to your dance work that you originally proposed for the tour.  As mentioned in an earlier FAQ, you can propose more than one dance work for the tour, but it must be during the application period.  Each work you submit must be a separate application, and it is not guaranteed that more than one of your dance works will be accepted.

Will my work still be considered if it’s not a Queens or World Premiere?

Yes!  Though we encourage premieres (especially if you have shown work in QDF previous seasons), previously performed works will definitely be considered.  Please make sure to tell us where you’ve shown your work already in your application. 

How can dance schools participate?

Dance schools of any cultural or contemporary training with a professional-level company or performing faculty are welcome to submit a dance proposal.  Pre-professional or competition students are allowed to perform if at a professional level and/or be integrated with professional company members throughout the proposed dance piece.

How are participants selected?

Festival participants are selected based on strength of dance proposal, schedule availability, and ensuring there is a diverse range of cultures and dance styles represented.  Proposals are curated by QDF administration, programming partners, and partner organizations. Tip: describe your dance work as though you are explaining it to a complete stranger who has never seen your work or your dance genre before.  Those reading your proposal should be able to envision your dance work and understand your concept clearly.

What qualifies as a dance work?

A dance work must be a live performance where dance is the core driving component (i.e. not a film, a play, etc. These types of elements are welcome but should not be the main element of a dance work). A dance work can also be a live performance that is equally shared with a music component.  


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